Payments Evaluation and Selection

In the current environment, interchange income is the workhorse that keeps community financial institutions like yours healthy and profitable. But, vendor invoices can be complex and confusing—how much are you really paying, and what share of the interchange is coming back to you?

Payments (EFT/ATM/Debit) Evaluation and Selection

Arriba Advisor’s banking consulting partners have managed dozens of payments evaluations, and we are skilled at facilitating a thorough review of provider options to identify the solution that best fits the your financial institution’s strategy and budget.

How We Facilitate the Payments Vendor Selection Process

With more than 200 years of cumulative sales and leadership experience in the fintech vendor marketplace, our trusted team uses an efficient, structured process to guide your financial institution through the tactical elements of vendor selection:


Assess the current cost and income structure and compare that to top industry performers to determine potential for improvement


Analyze your organization’s current operations and future goals


Invite and facilitate the evaluation of three to four vendors that best fit your needs and budget


Interview your team, review the current contracts and cost structure


Develop and share a strategic assessment, which becomes the foundation of a request for proposal


Select vendor finalists and facilitate a detailed and rigorous validation of functionality, integration, service capabilities, financial strength and customer satisfaction for each solution, considering risks, such as fraud rate for that processor and your network


Complete a final scoring, fit assessment and detailed cost analysis

Using this proven method, we provide the analytical framework to facilitate sound decision making so you are confident in your vendor selection.

After careful assessment in partnership with your organization, we leverage our experience in negotiating over 1,500 contracts to draft an agreement with the selected vendor. We scrutinize every detail of the contract for hidden risks and potential cost escalations. Contact Arriba Advisors to learn more about how our bank financial consultants will fairly, but firmly, negotiate the best possible value for your organization.