Contract Negotiation

On average, financial institutions evaluate and negotiate detailed vendor agreements every half-decade.

Financial Institution Vendor Contract Negotiation

Fintech providers negotiate contracts on a regular basis. And, their teams are rewarded based on securing the most lucrative deal for their vendor. This dynamic puts banks or credit unions like yours at a significant disadvantage when it comes to negotiations. 

But, when you have Arriba Advisors on your side, you can feel confident in having our knowledge, expertise and experience on your side. Our team of financial services consultants has negotiated more than 1,500 contracts, and you can trust us to pinpoint the best possible vendor for your financial institution’s unique needs and goals.

Proven Vendor Contract Negotiation Services

Unlike most fintech firms, we are more than willing to listen. We interview your executive team, evaluate your current vendor contracts and cost structure, and pinpoint potential risks in vendor contracts.

Before going to the negotiating table, Arriba Advisors creates a comprehensive contract assessment, which serves as the basis for our negotiating position. We analyze the details of the contract for risks, as well as possible cost increases across posterity. Then, we take the time to discuss our assessment in-depth with your team to maximize your understanding and the efficiency of the vendor evaluation process.

Our Banking Contract Negotiation Services

Core Systems Contract Negotiation Services

During core contract negotiations, we leverage more than 15,000 pricing data points from multiple system selection negotiations, benchmarking engagements, contract renewals and methodologies that provide the best possible contract for your financial institution.

Merger Contract Negotiation Services

Our team of financial services advisors are here for all stages and facets of your merger contract negotiations. We guide you through contract reviews, the negotiation of final contracts and product selections.

Debit and Credit Card Negotiations

Our contract negotiation services provide transparency for card processing vendor selections. Arriba Advisors has successfully negotiated with Visa and MasterCard for the best possible incentives and lowest fees, and we are confident in our negotiation strategies for optimal bill pay negotiations.

Contract Opportunity Assessment

Our financial services advisors assess contract opportunities, offering specific advice pertaining to the merits of your vendors and their services. We can obtain the best possible terms and provide your financial institution with leverage for renegotiation.

Why Choose Our Financial Institution Vendor Contract Negotiations

Arriba Advisors is proud of the faith financial institutions like yours have in our team. We have more than 100 years of cumulative experience, and we are skilled in getting the maximum value for your bank through negotiations.

We are here to provide your team with the complex negotiation strategies you need to secure the best possible vendor contracts for your organization. Learn more about our partner-level service. Contact Arriba Advisors.