Digital Banking Evaluation and Selection

Mobile banking technology has leveled the playing field for community banks and credit unions. Now, even a single branch bank or credit union can provide the same mobile, online banking and bill pay services offered by national banks.

Mobile/Online Banking/Billpay Evaluation & Selection

To continue to compete with national banks and credit unions, financial institutions like yours must be strategic when selecting digital banking evaluation and selection providers that not only have a suite of convenient and engaging mobile solutions, but also solutions that match your budget. The digital banking consultants at Arriba Advisors are skilled at navigating the technical, operational and strategic requirements for mobile banking providers.

Embrace the Digital Transformation in Banking, on Budget

While community financial institutions are embracing the digital transformation in banking, many financial institutions like yours are being charged for each online user. This model leads to escalating costs that can even exceed the cost of your core processing.

Our team of financial services advisors have managed hundreds of digital channel engagements, and we bring a tailored and objective methodology for evaluating a qualified number of solutions. Leverage Arriba Advisor’s experience:

Negotiated More Than 1,500 Contracts

Carefully Scrutinizing for Hidden Risk and Potential Cost Escalations

Fairly But Firmly Negotiate the Best Possible Value for Your Organization

Our primary goal is meeting the unique needs of your financial institution’s strategy in every detail of the agreement, focusing on client strategy and overall fit for your financial institution. Learn more about how we can guide you through the digital banking vendor selection process. Contact Arriba Advisors.